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Summer Storage for College Students by Laing Self Storage

Are you a Student at SUNY Binghamton or SUNY Broome or coming home for the summer? Life every summer year, college students move in and out of dorm rooms and need storage. While plenty of students can do this easily since their parents live close to the colleges or universities they attend, many attend out-of-state institutions or ones that are hours away, which can make this move a bit more difficult. That’s why many students utilize self storage to make moving in and out of their dorm a breeze.

Self Storage vs. Moving Everything Home for Summer Break

Most campus residence halls don’t allow students to keep their belongings at school over the summer. Students are faced with either finding a place to store everything or moving their belongings back home for the summer. Renting a summer storage unit near your college campus can give you a place to store your belongings over the summer so you don’t have to move it home just to move it back again the next fall. You can simply take home only the stuff you will need for the summer. Leave the rest of it in a self storage unit. Your items will be safe and secure and waiting for you when school starts up once again. Our rental agreements are month-to-month, ensuring you will not be sucked into a long-term contract.

Appropriate Storage Unit Sizes for College Students

Most college students won’t need a storage unit the size of a garage. But how big is big enough? While it depends on what you plan to store, there are two sizes that are ideal for most students:

  • 5×5 Storage Unit – a 5×5 storage unit is a lot like a large walk-in closet. It can fit more than you would think. This would be perfect for a single student who doesn’t have large furniture to store. Even if you have a couch longer than five feet, you can fit it upright in the corner.

  • 5×10 Storage Unit – a 5×10 storage unit will give you more room for larger furniture, like a long sofa and a chair, as well as room for all of your other belongings. This makes the 5×10 storage unit a great option for students who are moving out of an apartment for the summer.

You may also have the option to choose drive-up, interior access, or temperature-controlled storage. Selecting the correct type of storage unit really depends on what you plan to keep in it. If you have valuables that are sensitive to extreme temperatures, opt for the temperature control unit. You can also choose the drive-up for easier access. Or, the interior access unit which is accessible through doors and hallways of a building.

Other Self Storage Uses for College Students

Many college students use self storage to make moving in and out of their dorm a lot easier. However, there are several ways that a storage unit can assist college students:

  • Studying Abroad – Studying abroad is an amazing experience that many college students take advantage of while going to school. Since you’ll be gone for a semester or more, you may need a place to keep your things. Self Storage can be an excellent resource, rather than taking everything “back home” before you set off on your adventure.

  • Studying in Large or Expensive Cities – Some schools aren’t located in small college towns. For students who are attending school in larger or expensive cities, it’s easy to save space and money on housing by using self storage. Instead of paying more for a larger place, you can use a storage unit to expand your living space. You can rent a room in a house, or stick to the small dorm room at the school.

  • Between Leases Some college students choose to live near their campus all year while working or interning over their summer breaks. If you’re renting a place off-campus and your lease is coming to an end, self storage can bridge the gap between leases. When you are headed back to school and have a new apartment rented, take your items from your storage unit.


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