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First time renting a storage unit?

Laing Self Storage, Binghamton

Indoor Storage vs. Outdoor Storage....which do you prefer or do you even know the difference?

Indoor Storage or Climate controlled storage as we prefer to call it is located within another building keeping you safe from the outside elements and Outdoor Storage is just that, it's located drive directly to your unit.

Which do you need...lets find out!

There are many benefits to either renting Climate Controlled Storage vs Outdoor Storage, but it all depends on what you want. When it comes to the benefits of outdoor storage, you have the ability for easy access and driving directly to your unit. Therefor, no multiple trips between your unit and your vehicle. Outdoor Storage is typically less expensive; when comparing apples to apples, outdoor storage is usually $25-$50 less than climate controlled storage.

Climate Controlled Storage, a storage unit located within a building, serves its purpose too which allows protection from the outside elements. Basically, weather is never an issue and each time you visit your storage unit, your safe! You never worry about rain, sand, salt and you never need to worry about getting snowed on if you live in Binghamton!

Once you decide on the indoor vs outdoor, choose the right size unit...Right Kind and right Size mentality. Always choose a little bigger than you think because, it happens all the time. If you forget something or miscalculate your content, you have room for error.

Need more help? Here is a quick guide to help determine the size of the unit you need and whats right for you.

Not so hard, right...its quick and easy to determine what you need. But if you're still in a pickle and need help, call Laing Self Storage at 607-775-9776 and let us help determine your storage needs!


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