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8 Simple Steps to Cleaning out a Storage Locker!

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Little overwhelmed when you open your locker? Thoughts just running through your mind like, I had no idea I had so much stuff, or where did it all come from, or where do I even start?

Here are 8 Simple Steps to cleaning out a Storage Locker:

1. Take an inventory of storage unit contents.

The first thing you should do is scan the unit and take an immediate inventory of what’s inside. This step applies whether you inherited a storage space, got it at auction, or had it sitting for months. If you won the unit at auction, you might have to do this process quickly and in less detail.

Consider the following steps to assess the unit:

  • Jot down what you see. Keep a pen and paper on hand and jot down some large items you can see immediately. Count the number of boxes and write down how many you’ll need to sort through to estimate how much time the clean-out will take. Will you need extra people? This inventory will help you answer that question.

  • Create an open space inside or outside the unit. If space is limited, carve out one free corner, which will become your processing area for step three. If there isn’t any room inside the unit, you can set up a temporary pop-up canopy and process items outside the space. Remember, you must clean out your unit and pick up your mess during business hours. You also can’t block anyone else’s unit with your stuff.

  • Look inside available boxes. Open as many boxes as you can and take a quick inventory of the contents. Skip this step if the boxes are already labeled. Make quick notes next to each box if you see something valuable, fragile, or otherwise significant.

Having a rough inventory before you start sorting the items will help you know what work you have ahead of you.