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15 Things Your Clutter Says About You

Clutter might just look like exactly that: a whole bunch of stuff lying around. But, it can have a much deeper meaning.

Luckily, addressing the issue behind your mess can actually help you dig out of it—both physically and emotionally. Here are 15 things your clutter says about you.

1. You're Too Sentimental

2. You're a Procrastinator

3. You're Depressed

4. Your Life is Too Chaotic

5. You're Working Too Hard

6. You Have Too Much Stuff

7. You're Not Setting Boundaries

8. You Have Too Many Multiples

9. You Have Trouble Letting Things Go

10. You Don't Want to Move On

11. You Feel Guilty

12. You're Lazy

13. You're Too Nostalgic

14. You're a Collector

15. Yes, You're Just a Straight-Up Messy Person

Sometimes there's not really a reason for having a bunch of clutter aside from the fact that you're a messy person—and you don't feel the need to tidy up. If living amongst piles of bills, a sink full of dishes, and clothes thrown everywhere doesn't bother you, keep doing you—but you'll feel a whole lot better when things aren't so hectic in your home.


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