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Make a healthy investment...into your garage by Laing Self Storage

Laing Self Storage
Laing Self Storage

No excuses.

So you don’t want to work out because the half hour drive to the gym takes too long? Think again and throw away that excuse. Take advantage of a gym closer to home. In fact, this gym is built right into your home: the garage. This article will provide 5 tips to turn your home’s garage into a personal gym, leaving you with no excuses.

1) Install epoxy flooring to absorb high impact.

When you go into any gym, you will notice softer flooring that is able to absorb high impact. A garage typically has concrete floors to begin with. Although this is the cheapest option, concrete is porous and inflexible. This means over time it will absorb liquids, chemicals, and oils, as well as crack under pressure.

When transforming a garage into a gym, investing in epoxy flooring will ensure that any grime or dirt will be easy to clean, it will absorb any high impact workouts and shock from equipment, and it will be friendlier to your shins when you jump on it, preventing unnecessary injury.

2) Find versatile equipment that does more with less clutter.

Obviously with less space, you may not be able to fit all the equipment you would find at the gym. While searching for necessary equipment to add to your own home gym, keep the machines versatile with multiple uses. Keep in mind that a good workout includes strength training and cardio training. With just two groups to focus on, choosing minimal exercise equipment to fit each need will give you space to breathe.

3) Organize equipment and garage storage items.

Floor space is valuable in a home gym, and there are many tools that can clear off that space. Garage organization products from companies like Wicked Workshops Inc and Inline Solutions offer a wide range of products (shelves, racks, cabinets, overhead storage) to make room for your equipment as you transform your garage into a gym.

4) Install entertainment.

A home gym in the garage might be less entertaining than going to a commercial gym that generally has TV’s on the walls or something else to distract you. Consider installing a small TV or a good stereo system in your garage to keep you entertained. Since this is your gym, you can control what is playing at all times.

5) Invest in a good fan.

Opening the garage door is an excellent source of ventilation. In winter months, however, you need something to manually circulate the air. Along with your equipment, purchasing a large fan will help keep the air from getting old and stale, while giving you the cool-off you need.

Like any new workout routine or diet, turning your garage into a gym may be both exciting and intimidating, but in the end it will definitely be worth it. Make your home gym the best it can be. It will pay off as you save time, money, and energy by keeping the gym close. Leave yourself with no excuses.

However if you can’t afford to buy gym equipment for your home, you can do these 5 home exercises to lose weight without equipment. If you found these tips useful feel free to share this article.

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