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5 Signs Self Storage may be in your future!

Laing Self Storage

Winter is Binghamton can be nasty and ideally you would love to park in the garage, right - but you cant because you store your construction equipment in there? Is removing an item from your closet like playing tetris? Do you have to move 8 boxes just to find something? Bottom line, do you sh&t piled every where?

If so, Self Storage might be your ticket to less clutter! A storage unit can help you gain control over the clutter while freeing up much-needed space in your home. 

Here are 5 Signs Self Storage may be in your future:

1. You’ve Stopped Opening Your Front Door

When clutter starts taking up so much space that navigating through your own home becomes a challenge, it’s a clear sign you need a storage unit. You may find yourself tripping over boxes, stepping over piles of belongings, or even avoiding certain rooms because they’re too full. 

It can be particularly problematic when the clutter starts blocking entrance ways. If you’ve stopped opening your front door because you’re embarrassed about the state of your home or because there’s physically no room to do so, it’s time to consider renting a storage unit.

2. You Can’t Find Anything in Your House

If you’re always on the hunt for lost items, it’s another red flag that you could benefit from a storage unit. When your home is overflowing with items, it becomes nearly impossible to keep things in their rightful place. 

Items that should have a designated spot often end up buried under piles of miscellaneous clutter, leading to frustration and wasted time searching for them. If you often find yourself saying, “I know it’s here somewhere,” that’s a strong indication that it’s time to declutter and consider a storage solution. 

Renting a storage unit can facilitate better organization, making it easier to locate your belongings when you need them.

3. Your Closets are Overflowing

Are your clothes, shoes, books, and other items slowly taking over every closet in the house? If so, this is a glaring indicator that you might need a storage unit. When the closets, which are meant to provide organized storage, become cluttered, it can lead to a chaotic living environment. 

Items that should be neatly stored away are instead spilled out onto the floor or shoved haphazardly onto shelves. It not only makes it difficult to find what you’re looking for, but it can also cause stress and anxiety due to the sheer volume of disarray. 

Renting a storage unit can give your belongings a new, organized home, and bring much-needed order back to your closets.

4. Guests Seem Surprised at How Small Your Home Is

Despite having a sizable home, if guests frequently remark on its perceived smallness, it could be due to the presence of excessive clutter. This clutter can make the rooms feel cramped and smaller than they are. 

In some cases, your belongings might be so piled up that they physically block guests from fully seeing or appreciating the space. The overwhelming amount of items can distract from the actual size and potential of your home. 

If people are regularly taken aback by the seemingly small square footage of your rooms, this is another sign that it’s time to declutter and invest in a storage unit. Storing non-essential items away can help highlight and reclaim the space in your home, allowing your guests to appreciate its true dimensions.

5. You’ve Started Using Furniture for Storage

Have your tables and chairs been repurposed as makeshift shelves and drawers? Are you storing items on, under, or even inside furniture because there’s simply no other place for them? 

It is a surefire signal you require a storage unit. It’s one thing to use furniture for its intended purpose – to sit, eat, or place items temporarily – but when every surface starts serving as a storage solution, it’s time to reassess. 

Such a practice is not only unappealing aesthetically, but it can also damage your furniture long-term. Renting a storage unit can prevent this misuse of furniture, providing a dedicated, appropriate space for all your storage needs.


For temperature controlled storage or non temperature controlled storage call 607-775-9776 or visit We have locations in Endwell, Endicott, Binghamton, & Conklin.

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