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What Not to Store in a Storage Unit by Laing Self Storage

So, you have your first storage unit, and you’re ready to fill it with important items that are simply taking up too much space in your home. That’s great! While you can store a lot with us, there are some things that we, and other self storage facilities, prohibit. These are common sense and easy to avoid, so let’s go over them to get you up to speed.

Perishable Food

While canned goods are fine to store for a short time, open food decomposes, stinks, attracts pests, and grows mold and mildew. The smell can permeate your storage unit and get into your other belongings. If pests, like bugs and rodents, get into your unit, they can cause a lot of damage and spread to nearby units.

Live Animals

Storing live animals is illegal and cruel. This includes pets or animals you may intend to give away. Just don’t lock an animal up in a stuffy, dark storage unit. Plus, this can attract pests and the animals can die.

If you’re going out of town for a day or longer, bring your pet or pets with you, hire a professional pet sitter, or have one of your friends look after your pets.

Live Plants

Yes, rooms without light are bad for potted plants as well. Plants need light, fresh air, water, and to have their soil rotated. Like animals, they can die in a unit and attract pests. If you don’t have room for a plant in your home, you can give it to friends or put it on your porch or in your yard.

Scented Items<