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Using vertical space as an advantage in Self Storage by Laing Self Storage

Updated: May 6, 2019

Laing Self Storage

Storage units help us achieve maximum efficiency by reducing clutter, both at home and at the office. Whether you’re using off-site storage for personal or commercial purposes, make the most of your space with these tips from Laing Self Storage. We serve home and business owners in Binghamton, NY and surrounding communities.

How to Place Furniture in Storage Units 

The way you arrange your belongings has an impact on how much you can safely store in your unit. Take furniture apart to save space, placing loose parts in an attached baggie. Make use of vertical space by standing couches up in the corners of your unit; remove the legs if possible. Place mattresses and other items you won’t need to access often at the back of the space, leaving an aisle so you can get to your things when you need them. Measuring larger items beforehand helps you plan a rough layout for a smoother experience.

Box it Up 

Stacking boxes is a great way to use your space, provided you do it safely. Forgo old, worn boxes in favor of sturdy new ones to ensure stability, choosing boxes of the same or similar sizes. Plastic tubs are also a good choice, since they have tight-fitting lids and are easy to clean and stack. Place heavy boxes or containers on the bottom, adding boards between layers for maximum support. This precaution prevents heavier boxes from falling over or crushing lighter ones. Label containers on the front for easy visibility, ideally with full inventory lists.

Think Outside the Box 

Boxes and plastic bins aren’t the only ways to store housewares and business supplies. Open shelves make wonderful storage nooks; again, put weightier items on the bottom. If your unit has smooth walls, consider hanging lightweight items from removable adhesive-backed hooks. Dressers and nightstands allow you to save space while storing clothing, towels, blankets, and sheets. Secure drawers with tape before moving these items into self storage.

Laing Self Storage provides home and business owners with conveniently located storage units in communities within Binghamton, NY. Our goal is to give you both space and peace of mind. Our friendly staff is available to answer your questions or help you choose the right unit for your needs. We operate well-lit, fully fenced, video surveillance-protected facilities in Binghamton, NY and other communities. Call 607-775-9776 to reserve your unit today!

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