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The Cold Weather is a upon us by Laing Self Storage in Binghamton!


Now that there are only two weeks left in October, people in Binghamton, NY are preparing for colder weather. While there have been a few cold days, residents know that the real cold weather has yet to happen. Low temperatures, wind, and snow can all show up in November, and at Laing Self Storage, we want to make sure that you and your family are ready for the change. If you need a self-storage unit for anything, such as summer clothes in order to make room for winter apparel, then visit one of our locations today!

Get Out the Coats, Jackets, and Sweaters

Colder weather calls for warmer clothing, especially outerwear for when you’re on your way to work or picking the kids up from school. If you have your sweaters stored in a bottom drawer of the dresser or stashed in the back of the closet, then now is a great time to rotate them to a more accessible drawer or the front of the closet. If you don’t have the space to hang everything up, or your drawers are crammed full, then consider putting some summer clothing into plastic bins or tubs and storing them for the winter. You aren’t going to need t-shirts and shorts for several months, so why let them take up space?

As for coats and jackets, these likely hang in the front closet or on hooks by the front door. Everyone needs a reliable winter coat, especially if you have to go out and scrape your car’s windshield on those first frosty mornings. If the front closet or entryway coat hooks are full of summer jackets and lightweight hoodies, then do the same as you did with your other warm-weather apparel — put things in tubs and place the tubs in storage!

Put the Glass on the Storm Windows

During the summer, you may have kept the house cool at night by opening some windows and creating a cross breeze. Even if you have air conditioning, this can be a great way to keep the house at a comfortable temperature once the sun has set. However, if you have old storm windows that use screens in the summer, then you’re going to need to put the glass inserts in for the winter. The glass can help keep moisture out when it snows, and it can also help your HVAC system run more efficiently, since the warm air from your furnace won’t be escaping outside, and cold air from outside won’t be finding its way into your house.

Once the screens are off the windows, you might need somewhere to store them. The garage or basement are an option, but if those won’t work, then a self-storage space can be a great alternative. Your window screens will be protected from wind and weather all winter long, and you can ensure that they’ll still be in good condition come springtime.

Get Your Snowblower Ready

You might not mind shoveling snow during the winter, but having a snowblower can make clearing your driveway and sidewalks much easier. If your snowblower isn’t ready for the colder months of the year, then now is the time to get it tuned up and working properly. If you don’t have space in the garage to store it because there are too many things in the way, then take some time to clear out a few items so that the snowblower can have a dedicated spot. You’ll want to be sure that it can be stored far enough away from your vehicles that you can pull in and back out without having to worry about running it over.

As for those things that you cleared out of the way, putting them into your storage unit will help you avoid having to try to find another place for them on your property. These might be seasonal items such as sports equipment, lawn tools, or water toys, and you won’t need those until next summer anyway!

Visit Us Today

Colder weather will be here to stay before you know it, and it’s important to make sure you, your family, and your home are ready for it. At Laing Self Storage, we can help you find the right self-storage unit for anything you need to keep safe or get out of the way so that you’re prepared for winter. With several locations across the Binghamton area, it’s easy to find a facility that’s close to your home. We offer month-to-month leases on every unit, which means you can rent for the time you need and then pick everything up in a few months’ time.

If you have questions when you visit, then our staff members and resident managers will be more than happy to help. Our goal is to make storage as easy as possible!

Call Laing Self Storage to rent your next storage locker at affordable prices at 607-775-9776.

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