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Setting goals to achieving your expectations by Laing Self Storage of Binghamton

Laing Self Storage
Laing Self Storage

As part of our Stating Healthy Initiative, its not only important to have activity options but its just as important to follow through with them. So, we wanted to change things up a bit and discuss setting goals to help achieving our ultimate health!

When we discuss health setting goals is highly important because they hold us accountable. Goals help us implement and achieve!

Here are a 3 tips on implementing real change:

1. Focus on one goal at a time

Stop trying to do too much at one time...I'm going to hit the gym 7 days/week, run 80 miles/week, rock climb 2 days/week and SUP Board 4 days/week! STOP, STOP, STOP - first off, that is not reality and second, you will fail! Eventually you will become frustrated and quit.

Set one goal and achieve it!

2. Make if your own

Stop basing your goals on what you see on social whats best for you! Set your goal for you - a goal you're personally excited about crushing!

3. Make it S.M.A.R.T

Specific: A specific goal is a goal that has a bit of depth to it. It isn’t saying “I want to go to culinary school”, it’s saying “I want to graduate from The Culinary Institute of America in their baking program”. Specificity is important so that you know exactly what needs to be done in order for the goal to be deemed a success.

Measurable: A measurable goal is one that is based on some sort of metric. Instead of saying “I want to have good knife skills”, a measurable goal would be: “I want to be able to finely and evenly dice 5 onions per minute.”

Attainable: A goal that is attainable is a goal that you can accomplish. People have a tendency to get over-zealous with their goals when they are excited and passionate. However, setting goals that you will not be able to accomplish doesn’t make sense for anyone. It’s more important to be realistic than too inspirational here. Break down larger goals into pieces if you need to, in order to accomplish them. For example: if your big goal is to open a restaurant, but you aren’t very good at cooking yet, a smaller and more attainable goal would be to learn to cook well, or even learn to cook a few things well. As you attain certain goals and get better at something, new goals may become attainable.

Relevant: Relevant goals are goals that help you progress to your dream. If you are trying to reach culinary stardom at any cost, it doesn’t make sense to waste your precious time learning to be an awesome mechanic. Sure, it might be super useful to you personally, but in this case, it doesn’t help you reach your dream or goals.

Time-bound: The best goals are also time bound. Adding this constraint is important so that you are able to keep yourself accountable. Setting goals is sort of like creating a to-do list. You have on your list what you want to do today, what you want to do tomorrow, etc. With goals you may have daily goals, monthly goals, yearly goals, etc. Be very specific with the dates you choose, and make sure that you would also be able to complete the goal without unreasonable stress.

Remember - do not set goals that are too lofty, unsustainable or even unrealistic because you will fail and never achieve them leaving you deflated. Stay focused, pursue your goals and if you fall off, get back on!


With Facilities located in Binghamton, Endwell, Conklin and Endicott, call Laing Self Storage at 607-775-9776 for clean, affordable, & safe storage that never floods!

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