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Rely on storage to launch your business!

Entrepreneur Steve Kersat, quit his 9-5 gig to start his own cleaning company in 2017. Steve started his company out of the basement of his Endicott home and realized pretty quickly he made the right decision. As his company grew and he landed major accounts, Kersat needed to find another option for storing his inventory and tools.

Kersat, President of Professional Services of Broome County LLC said using a self-storage facility to store his cleaning supplies has been a smart choice.

“If I were to get a warehouse, it would be a significant investment,” he said.

Instead, Kersat pays less than $120 a month for self-storage. “For me, it was a smart business decision,” he said.

Avoiding Costly Warehousing

Small business owners and entrepreneurs would do well to follow Kersat's lead, said Brian Laing, Owner of Laing Self Storage of Binghamton, NY.

"We offer many sizes of storage ranging from 100 Sq/ft to 400 Sq/ft...based on the size of your company, you could run your business with very low overhead maximizing your margins," said Laing.

In addition, you can easily expand the storage space needed as the company grows. Our facilities are open to working with existing customers to meet their needs, Laing said.

Laing said his company has many business customers that lease from them including small mom & popcompanies to a large cable company. “Self-storage is a really good fit for them and ideally has a lot of benefits. Business owners have the ability come and go as they please with 24 hour access, they can grow as needed and potentially can use the storage as a tax write off.

For your storage needs, call Laing Self Storage at 607-775-9776.

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