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Moving last minute and job searching?

Depending on the circumstances, relocating for your career might be anything from thrilling to terrifying. And in the wake of the current coronavirus pandemic, job security isn’t what it once was—leaving millions of employees wondering what’s next. Luckily, technology can make relocating easier than ever. Skype and LinkedIn are just some of the tools that simplify finding a new job across the country. With storage units in Binghamton, NY, and other communities around the U.S., We have met many people either moving to or back to the Binghamton Area. With recent articles ranking Binghamton in the top 5 cities to live in and Endwell as the number 1 place to raise a family, we understand why!

Following some basic job hunting tips can make forging your own new career path as pleasant and convenient as possible.

Job Hunting Tips for Making a Quick Move

Cross-Country Job Hunting

Getting to know the lay of the land in your destination is a must. Monitor openings over the next few weeks to get an idea of how plentiful jobs in your field are. Familiarize yourself with organizations you’ll want to join, and participate in relevant groups on Reddit and other forums. Lurking allows you to anonymously get a feel for the way things are in your new city, but introducing yourself lets you socialize with others in your field without a lot of pressure.

LinkedIn Is Your Friend

If you’re able to put yourself out there online during your job hunt, make it known in your profile that you’ll be moving to your city. Provide a time frame, if possible, to let prospective employers and recruiters know that reaching out to you is a worthwhile use of their time. If there were ever a time to get in touch with those distant LinkedIn contacts that may have leads, this is it. You’re already connected, so hearing from you out of nowhere won’t seem weird. And don’t be afraid to reach out to companies that aren’t actively hiring at the moment. Make the right impression, and half your work is done when the right position does open up.

Prepare for All Things Moving

Moving to another city, state, or region for a new job means you’ll have plenty on your plate in the coming months. Besides the usual moving to-dos—utilities, school districts, storage units, etc.—myriad career-related concerns will complete for your attention. Prioritizing can be tricky, but securing a job ASAP will make the rest of the move less stressful.

We hope our job hunting tips help make finding a position as painless as possible—whether it’s a temporary fix or your dream job. Once you’ve found your new job, it’s time to tackle the day-to-day stuff. At Laing Self Storage, we offer a convenient, online storage rental process for our storage units located in Binghamton, Conklin, Endwell and opening soon, Endicott.

Contact our facility with questions at 607-775-9776 to reserve a unit from wherever you are so you’re ready to start storing once you relocate.

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