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Clutter free Christmas by Laing Self Storage!

A retailers dream, but a consumers nightmare...The U.S. household will spend on average $1,536.00 on the Christmas holidays and over 14% of Americans will sell their possessions to fund Christmas spending.

Whats worse, Americans throw away $16 Billion worth of unwanted Christmas gifts. The reason why is because the gifts are unwanted or undesirable. 46% of people cited that clothing, accessories, household items, cosmetics & fragrances.

On top of the wasted money, there will be an additional 7 Million lbs of waste generated between Thanksgiving and New Years day.

Want to break the cycle and enjoy a clutter free Christmas, here are some suggestions:

Certificates  Baby-sitting, taking out the garbage, doing the dishes, cleaning the house, or cleaning the car.

Trips/Outings Museums, parks, beaches, hikes, full moon walks, or winter picnics.

Hand Made Gifts Fill a basket with baked goods, assemble a collection of favorite family recipes, make a holiday bouquet from fresh greens, holly, etc. and tie with bow, make Christmas ornaments from family photos, or video tape family members telling favorite family stories/memories.

Tickets Movie, concert or sports tickets.