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7 Reasons why Fall is the Best Time to Rent a Self-Storage Unit by Laing Self Storage

Its that time of a year again hear in #Binghamton - The temperature is dropping, the sun is sticking around less and less, and the leaves are trying to hang on for dear life. There’s no doubt about it – it’s Fall. That means cozy nights by the fire, warm beverages, cross-country skiing and the holidays are all just around the corner. However, before you can enjoy any of the trappings the colder months of the year have to offer, you need to get yourself Winter-ready.

You might think, “why would I winterize in Fall?”. Well, in many ways, getting ready for the snowy season now is a great move – especially if you plan to rent a self-storage unit to free up space around your home.

Here are 7 reasons why Fall is one of the best times of the year to move your things into a storage facility.

1. Lower Volume of People Moving

When it comes to moving things from one place to the next, the Fall and Winter months are not the typical time to do that. Students moved into their dorms in August and September and most people who are moving into a new home don’t choose to do so in the colder seasons. Since there are far fewer people having to store this or that, self- storage facilities are far less hectic. This means there will be a larger variety of unit sizes available to you for rent. So, no matter how much Summer furniture and equipment you have to store, you should have no trouble finding a self-storage unit to accommodate your needs.

2. Holiday Takeover

In a couple of blinks, the holiday season will be in full swing. With your halls decked in garland and a trimmed tree dominating your living area, you’ll have less space to work with than you’re accustomed to. Before your ornaments go up, de-clutter your home by moving furniture into a self-storage space. The last thing you want in a living room is to feel cramped for space or stuffed in. You want to feel comfortable while enjoying the festive season with family and friends. Envision and reorganize your rooms to accommodate for the decorative additions and safely store the rest in your easy access storage unit. The holidays can be hectic – adjust your home before you are too busy.

3. Dry Storage is Good Storage

As we all know, once snow starts falling, things get wet. Moisture is nobody’s friend in a storage unit. You want to make sure, whatever you store in your self-storage unit, it’s clean and completely dry. Moisture can cause irreparable damage to your equipment by rusting or breaking down surfaces, or by freezing – resulting in cracks, breaches or tears. Why put up with having to wipe down all of your things prior to storage when you don’t have to? Move your Summer equipment and furniture into your storage unit before the first snowflake makes its appearance. Also, you may want to consider a climate- controlled space when renting. Being able to control the temperature of your storage unit is a great way to prevent moisture accumulation or freezing of moving parts.

4. Avoid the Chill

It’s getting a little cool out there now, but it’s not yet the frigid, teeth-chattering temperatures of the Winter months. There’s no need to subject yourself to the sub-zero freeze over. If you move your Summer things into a self-storage unit now, you can enjoy the process in comfortable, temperate conditions instead of frost-bitten, blustery white- outs.

5. Enjoy Your Space

If you’re in the practice of rotating your Summer and Winter gear in and out of storage when the conditions call for it, you’ll never be able to reclaim as much of your space at home and in your garage or shed as you can right now. Your Summer equipment and furniture is no longer needed and the weather doesn’t call for your Winter gear just yet. That means, both your Summer and Winter equipment can be stowed away in your self- storage unit, and your home can be free and clear of both. Having your seasonal equipment cleared out of your spaces can allow you to efficiently reassess and rearrange (if needed) your at-home inventory.

Make sure when you are moving your seasonal equipment into your storage unit that you arrange it in such a way that the coming season’s gear is easiest to access. If you maintain good organization throughout the use of your self-storage space, it should always be relatively simple to shift your equipment around so it can be easily rotated in and out.

6. Special Pricing

The colder months are usually the less busy season for self-storage facilities. Since this is the case, they tend to offer discounted pricing to incentivize rental of their units. As this article suggests, there are already so many great reasons to draw on a self-storage space in the Fall – might as well capitalize on a deal as well.

7. Safety

The more you can stay off the roads in Winter, the safer you will be. Moving your Summer gear into your storage unit before the roads freeze and the snow piles up will mean less time you have to be out driving on slippery, icy roads. Plan ahead and save yourself from treacherous driving by moving your things into a self-storage unit now.

Having your choice of storage unit, de-cluttering your home for the holidays, preventing equipment damage, avoiding the cold weather, reorganizing your home inventory, capitalizing on potential savings and ensuring your safety are all fantastic reasons why you should seriously consider moving your things into a self-storage unit now instead of later. What’s more, you get to enjoy the beautiful Autumn colours before the leaves have all fallen.


With Facilities located in Binghamton, Endwell, Conklin and Endicott, call Laing Self Storage at 607-775-9776 for clean, affordable, & safe storage.

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