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52 Random Acts of Kindness You Should Try by Laing Self Storage

When it comes to paying it forward, there are thousands of simple ideas for making someone’s day! Whether it’s for a stranger, coworker, kids, or someone you love dearly, little acts of kindness can bring joy to those around you.

Check out these 52 random acts of kindness to get started!

  • Hold the Door

  • Smile More

  • Bring Food to Work

  • Pay for a Stranger’s Coffee

  • Let Someone Line Jump

  • Be a Parking Meter Fairy

  • Donate Things You Rarely Use

  • Make Coffee

  • Thank a Service Member

  • Leave Coupons Behind

  • Write a Yelp Review

  • Send Encouraging Texts

  • Welcome New Neighbors

  • Give a Coworker a Compliment

  • Clean the Microwave

  • Donate Blood

  • Host a Lunch-N-Learn

  • Thank a Teacher

  • Run for a Cause

  • Help Someone Change a Tire

  • Share Fun Stickers

  • Write a Recommendation on LinkedIn

  • Invite Someone to Lunch

  • Organize a Day of Volunteering

  • Wash a Family Member’s Car

  • Donate Books

  • Say Hello in the Elevator

  • Mentor a Coworker

  • Leave a Note in a Library Book

  • Help a Homeless Person

  • Donate Lemonade Stand Money

  • Send a Funny Post on Social Media

  • Visit a Nursing Home

  • Start a Kindness Club

  • Donate Vacation Time

  • Chalk Inspiration

  • Make Bird Feeders

  • Be the Neighborhood Dog Walker

  • Give High Fives

  • Thank Your Boss

  • Start a Little Free Library

  • Adopt a Pet

  • Surprise a Friend at Work

  • Leave Encouraging Notes

  • Mow Your Neighbor’s Lawn

  • Coach Your Kid’s Team

  • Give More Hugs

  • Venmo a Friend

  • Call Your Grandparents

  • Write Notes on the Mirror

  • Cook Something

  • Say “I Love You” More

Call Laing Self Storage of Binghamton today at 607-775-9776 to reserve your locker today. We are located in Binghamton, Endwell, Conklin and Endicott.

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