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5 Reasons to live in Upstate New York by Laing Self Storage of Binghamton, NY.

If you’re searching for the best place to live in the US, which is Upstate New York, you’ve come to the right place. New York is one of the best states to call home, and the numbers don’t lie: four of the region’s largest cities made last year’s Best Places to Live in America list by U.S. News & World and our hometown of Endwell, NY was chosen #1 as the best place to raise your children by

With its charming towns, impressive schools and beauty of four distinct seasons, the state of New York has something for everyone. In Upstate New York, scenic parks double as residents’ backyards (while nearby cities are only a short drive away). The state also has endless events for families all year long, whether you’re a museum-goer, foodie or outdoor adventurer. While New York’s state taxes are among the highest in the nation, the state makes up for it with its beauty!

Here are the 5 reasons why you should move to Upstate New York:

1. Nature. Getting outside is good for the soul—and for mental health. Adirondack Park, located in Upstate New York, offers over 100 mountains, 2,000 miles of hiking trails and 3,000 lakes.

2. Health. When it comes to healthy eating, it’s never been easier for Upstate New York residents. This is partly due to the fact that the number of farmers’ markets have skyrocketed over the last decade, with NY having the most markets per state in the country.

3. Safety. Some of the safest cities in New York state can be found in the Upstate region—especially in comparison to the New York City area.

4. Seasonality. One word: foliage. Upstate New York’s foliage is to die for. In fact, all of its seasons are. While many states experience mild changes in weather patterns, New York residents are lucky enough to experience four distinct seasons.

5. Family. Whether you’re looking to raise a family or searching for the best schools for your kids, New York offers a variety of family-friendly communities throughout the Upstate region. You’ll discover the best places to live in Upstate New York for families in no time.

If you're planning on moving to Upstate New York and need storage options, give us a call or look us up at

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