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3 Springtime Tasks That Require Storage Space by Laing Self Storage

laing self storage

Whelp...its that time of year in Binghamton where you're not sure of the weather! Will it snow, rain, sleet, be sunny, or will it rain, snow, and sleet mixed with some thunder and lightning all in one day? Yes to all of it! And in Binghamton, that is what we call Spring!

With Spring comes Spring cleaning and as a homeowner you want to make sure your home is ready for the amazing summers right around the corner.

No matter if you live in Endwell/Endicott or Chenango Bridge/Chenango Forks, If you've lived in the same home for several years, you may have started to notice recently how hard it is to find enough room for everything. But you may not realize just how many tasks associated with springtime also involve tools and other items that take up a lot of space.

Here are three springtime tasks that a self-storage unit may come in handy for.

1. Preparing Home and Vehicles for Warm Weather

Spring maintenance, including undoing the preparations for winter that you made in the fall like storm window installation, can yield many items that can be taken to a storage unit until the next fall arrives. In addition to storm windows or storm shutters, these items could include:

  • Storm doors

  • AC unit covers

  • Boat covers and other vehicle covers

  • Heavy insulating window curtains used to keep cold air out

  • Grill covers and outdoor furniture covers

These are just a few examples of items that you'll need to store until the next time you winterize your home and vehicles. Any tools you use for spring maintenance during this time that you won't use again for a month or more can also go into storage now. This may include long-handled rakes or brushes used specifically to clean the roof, for example.

2. Spring Cleaning Living Spaces

You may want to complete a reorganization and redecoration of your entire home this spring. Or you may just want to pack away a few boxes of old belongings to freshen and lighten your living space. Either way, self-storage can be a great tool to help with the de-cluttering aspect of spring cleaning. Switching out your seasonal clothing and equipment can also require a hefty amount of storage space. Those winter coats and thick boots may be much more bulky than your summer clothing, so a storage unit can really come in handy here. And any non-wearable wintertime items such as thick comforters, space heaters, or door draft guards can go into storage as well.

3. Prepping Your Garden for Growing Season

If, like many suburban homeowners, you have landscaping beds in the front yard and a vegetable garden bed or two in the back, now is the time to start preparing for the growing season ahead. Although you typically shouldn't store garden chemicals or live plants or seeds in your storage unit, you can store many other items that you use to get your garden ready for spring. For example, you may need shovels and hoes that can be stored in the unit during the winter, or you may have a power tiller that only comes out in the spring to turn up the garden beds and then goes back in the unit again until next spring. You can also store gardening items such as plant pots and excess potting soil in your storage unit. These three springtime tasks can require quite an investment of not only time but also storage space. If you're a homeowner who has difficulty finding all the space needed for these items, you may want to look into getting a storage unit for you and your family.


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