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3 Mistakes New Self Storage Users Make

You are ready to use self storage for the first time - but do you know the common pitfalls you should avoid? Laing Self Storage lets you in on 3 common mistakes new self storage users make and how to avoid them.

Select The Proper Size of Unit

First and foremost, make sure you select the proper size of unit that you will need. A common mistake new self storage users make is renting out a unit that is too small or too large. The last thing you would want is to move all your things into your unit only to find out you don't have enough room or you are paying for space you don't need.

The most common storage unit sizes are 5x5, 5x10, 10x10, 10x15, 10x20 and 10x30. Items stored in the smaller sizes range from common household goods, documents, photos, holiday decorations and other things generally in that size range. In the middle size range - getting closer to a 10x10 or 10x20 (generally the most popular size), you will have enough room to store the above mentioned items as well as larger items such as furniture. The larger range sizes are often used for vehicles and RVs.

If you are still unsure, a great step for first time storage unit tenants is to visit the facility and look at the units. The self storage manager will be more than happy to take you out to look at the different sizes and help guide you in your size choice and budget.

Not Properly Storing Things

Another amateur and risky move for first time self storage tenants is not storing things properly. This can be a grave mistake with possibly unalterable consequences. You want to be very cognizant of what you are storing, whether you will need climate control to protect your belongings and how you store them.

Laing Self Storage has outlined proper ways to store items on their blog: