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3 Benefits in choosing Eco-Friendly Bins by Laing Self Storage

The Benefits of Reusable Moving Boxes

Every move entails a lot of packing, which requires numerous boxes for the job. If you’re planning on moving to Binghamton soon, this is definitely something for you to think about. You’ll need to know how many you need and the budget for that amount. Traditionally, this is when you have to start looking around for enough cardboard boxes to cover you. However, nowadays, you can also use reusable packing boxes for the job and there are a number of reasons why you should.

Save Money Most people will save a lot of money by using reusable packing boxes. The upfront costs will often be more expensive with cardboard for one thing, especially if you go the easy route and just order yours online (there will most likely be shipping). However, you’ll also need to pay for a lot more tape or some other adhesive to keep those boxes shut. By going with reusable plastic boxes, though, you’ll generally save money just on the initial cost. Then consider the fact that, because they’re reusable, you can take your items to Oakland, unpack them, bring them back to your current home and load them back up again. Overall, you’ll need fewer reusable packing boxes than cardboard ones.

No Need to Recycle Once you’re done with your cardboard moving boxes, you’ll need to recycle them. You definitely aren’t going to need that many boxes anytime soon and you wouldn’t want to have to find enough storage space for them either. Your only option is to take them somewhere to be recycled. While paying for the gas to do so probably won’t break the bank, it’s one more chore you have to perform before enjoying your new home in Oakland. Obviously, even when you recycle cardboard, it’s still having an effect on the environment. Unless you have an immediate need for all of them, you’re going to use them once and that’s it. Cardboard isn’t 100% recyclable, so many of the resources used for making them will impact the environment in a negative way.

Better Protection Cardboard is an affordable material, which is the main reason it gets used for moving boxes, but that’s about it. You definitely won’t get a lot of protection from using these boxes, that’s for sure. If it happens to rain during your move, you’ll need to make sure your cardboard containers remain protected at all times. Not only will the moisture handicap their ability to hold your things, but there’s also a good chance the contents will end up wet. Of course, there’s also the fact that moving generally means your boxes will get shifted around a lot. Cardboard isn’t going to stand up to a direct impact of any sort. It can be easily punctured as well. You’ll have to be very careful that nothing happens to your belongings throughout your move to Binghamton. With reusable packing boxes, this isn’t a concern. Their heavy-duty plastic is designed to shrug off most forms of wear and tear associated with moving long distances. While you still want to be careful with them, plastic boxes are going to perform much better than cardboard.

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