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Should business use Self Storage by Laing Self Storage

Laing Self Storage

Small business owners around the country face a wide range of problems, from bringing more customers in the door to getting through tax season. One problem that’s often overlooked is space. A cluttered storefront isn’t just unprofessional looking, it can keep customers away. Clutter can also make it difficult to get work done, find important paperwork or keep necessary documents safe from fire or water damage. More and more, small business owners are turning to self storage facilities like Laing Self Storage to efficiently manage their space.

Secure Document Storage

If paperwork and important documents like contracts and insurance policies begin to accumulate in your office, or you’re worried that a fire or flood could damage irreplaceable paperwork, you may want to consider renting a storage unit to archive all of these important papers. This will ensure these valuables are kept safe off-site with surveillance cameras and peace of mind.

The Convenience of Storage

Renting self storage is also convenient for business owners who have access to their belongings 7 days a week. Units at most Laing Self Storage locations also have drive-up access, making it easier than ever to quickly grab inventory or packing materials for your business.

Storage Clears Up Space

Rather than paying an annual lease on space used mostly for storing inventory, equipment or paperwork, business owners can save space and money with a storage unit rented month-to-month. Renting a unit offers a great deal of flexibility as well, serving as short-term storage during relocation or long-term to store inventory or upscale your business. Virtually any type of business can find some use in renting a self storage unit as well, storing things like:

  • Important documents or policies

  • Samples

  • P.O.S. equipment

  • Trade equipment

  • Import and export goods

  • Overflow of stock

  • Seasonal products

  • Sales material or brochures

  • Home office materials or furniture

  • Equipment and supplies for a mobile business

  • Unused or surplus office supplies

  • Unused office furniture and equipment

  • Out-of-season store displays

If your business or office is becoming cluttered or you find yourself paying for a larger storefront just to store inventory or seasonal stock, stop by Laing Self Storage to learn more about our affordable monthly rates and free extras.

Please contact us at 607-775-9776. We look forward to hearing from you.

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