• Laing Self Storage

Declutter leads to a happier more fulfilling life by Laing Self Storage of Binghamton, NY.

Here is a list of potential items, you can probably get rid of in your house. While it looks daunting, the mental and social benefits of decluttering are totally worth the short-lived separation anxiety you might experience from throwing away all the things you don’t need!

Your bathroom:
  1. Old toiletries (bottles, and gels lying around…that are likely expired! Here’s how you can replace them with fewer, natural products)

  2. Dried up nail polish (face it…there’s no use here)

  3. Worn out bath mats (not to mention these fabrics probably contain a lot of dirty germs)

  4. Old air freshener (be sure to correctly dispose of aerosol cans)

  5. Old makeup (do you have 5 bottles of dried up mascara in your make-up bag as well? Let’s throw them out!)

Your living room:

  1. Newspapers (if you didn’t read it the day it was delivered, you’re probably not going to read it ever)

  2. DVDs (truthfully, when was the last time you popped in a DVD to watch?)

  3. Toys your kids don’t play with (donate the toys your growing kids don’t use)

  4. Old unused batteries (this item collects in a lot of households, be sure to dispose of them properly)

  5. Furniture manual (if your table is already assembled, you don’t need the manual)