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How to Pack When Moving Into A Storage Unit

Laing Self Storage


Avoid the temptation to use those flimsy boxes. Money spent here is cheap insurance. And, if you do buy quality boxes you actually will be able to reuse them for your next move. By the way, Laing Self Storage locations offer all of the boxes and other supplies you will need to simplify the process.

  • Pack those boxes tightly, but do not over stuff. You want to be certain nothing can shift around during the actual transportation phase. Ideally there will be no vacant space in any box. Fill gaps with wadded up newspaper or Styrofoam packing peanuts.

  • Whenever you are stacking during any phase of the process, keep heavier and more durable items on the bottom of the pile and lighter, more fragile boxes on top.

  • Mark each box clearly on more than one side so everyone handling them will be aware of the contents.

When you arrive at the storage facility

When you reach the storage facility, ask the on-site manager which self-storage unit would be most suitable for the items you need to store. Likely you will have already addressed this issue with them ahead of time. Just as likely, your idea of the proper size will turn out to be wrong. The Laing Self Storage manager can look at your property and accurately determine the correctly sized unit. You will be asked whether or not you intend to make frequent trips to the facility to access your belongings. If you will be in and out often and will need to find items quickly without having to unstack and re-stack, you will want a size large enough to allow you to see anything you may need to find.

Contact Laing Self Storage today to determine which facility is nearest you and what the rates are for the size unit you require.

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