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Top Tips to Minimize Allergy Symptoms by Laing Self Storage of Binghamton, NY

Laing Self Storage

April showers bring May flowers is a cute saying, unless those May flowers mean itchy noses and watering eyes for you and your family. Allergy symptoms can make spring cleaning even more dreadful.

Below, we list the top spring-cleaning tips to reduce allergy symptoms while cleaning.

1. Choose Your Air Wisely

Airing out the winter blues may seem like it will help freshen your home, but in reality, it lets more allergens in. Resist the urge to open windows. Stick to organic air fresheners instead. If it’s been a few years, change the filters in your heating and cooling systems to improve air quality. Also, wash, store or replace curtains, carpets and bedding.

2. Knockout Mold and Mildew

Pay attention to your bathroom where moisture can accumulate quickly and cause mold allergen issues. Always, run your bathroom fan after showering to absorb moisture. Scrub bathroom surfaces regularly, and seal grout to prevent water from seeping into surfaces.

Wear a mask when cleaning areas that are especially damp or dusty—especially if they are moldy. Throw away masks after use, and store seasonal heavy-duty cleaning equipment in a self-storage unit.

3. Pack Winter Clothing Wisely

When it’s time to swap out your winter wardrobe for something more seasonal, ensure those clothes are clean. Sweaters can trap pet dander or dust, and irritate your allergies.

We recommend keeping seasonal clothing in a self-storage unit instead of stored away in basements or attics where they are likely to collect more dust. If you store items in self-storage unit, be sure to select a clean facility and unit with climate control. Keep clothing in specialty garment boxes to preserve integrity and block allergens.

4. Dust Every Nook and Cranny

Dust is a major allergy symptom culprit. Ensure you are not only removing dust from home surfaces, but also from the cleaning tools themselves. Change out dust cloths frequently, and clean your vacuum.

Here are a few don’t-miss dusting spots:

  • Book shelves

  • Ceiling fans

  • Dressers

  • Floor boards

  • Remote controls

  • TV and computer screens

  • Under your bed

  • Window panes

5. Declutter Your Home

A clutter-free home means fewer places for dust and dust mites to settle. If you have items you can’t part with but don’t need on hand, invest in a self-storage unit.

Furniture is a dust mite haven, so keep additional furniture in a climate-controlled storage unit as well.

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