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Best Way to Combat the Cold by Laing Self Storage of Binghamton, NY

Best Way to Combat the Cold by Laing Self Storage of Binghamton, NY

Upstate New York winters can get quite brutal as the temperatures drop and the snow falls across the state. In fact, the temperatures often stay in the teens during the day and dip to the single digits at night in Central NY. Without climate control, you might be risking damage to your belongings. Laing Self Storage is here to explain why it’s the best winter self storage solution.

Why Choose Climate-Controlled Storage Units?

When the temperatures turn frigid outside, climate-controlled storage units stay a constant temperature inside. These units come in handy in areas where the climate changes drastically throughout the year. Heat, humidity, and cold do a number on temperature-sensitive items, causing everything from warping to cracking and fading.

Climate-controlled self storage puts an end to climate-related damage. This damage happens when a sudden or an extreme change in temperature occurs, such as when a cold front moves into Ann Arbor, MI and prompts a freeze warning. If you leave your belongings exposed to extreme temperatures, they may crack, buckle, or shatter depending on the material. Moving your items into a climate-controlled unit eliminates the problem and keeps everything safe and in pristine condition.

Temperature-Sensitive Items

Though not everything requires climate-controlled storage, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Wooden furniture may not be affected too much by the cold, but the summer humidity can damage it. Items such as leather upholstery and clothing are sensitive to cold and heat. Cold temperatures may cause the leather to stiffen or to crack more easily. Some temperature-sensitive items include:

  • Electronics such as stereos and DVD players

  • Household appliances such as washers and microwaves

  • Photo albums and paper documents

  • Collectibles such as stamps and comic books

  • Musical instruments of every type

  • Delicate and vintage clothing

Climate-Controlled Self Storage for the Winter

Don’t leave your belongings out in the cold. Protect them from the threat of freezing winter weather in a climate-controlled storage unit at Laing Self Storage. Our climate-controlled units remain at the same temperature no matter how cold it is outside. They’ll protect your sensitive items from the weather and give you peace of mind through the winter.

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