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Tips for Using Self-Storage During the Winter

Laing Self Storage

If you’re planning to move items into a storage unit during the winter months, consider these helpful tips:

  • Before moving items to self-storage for the winter, take the time to make any needed repairs.

  • Thoroughly clean items before placing them in a self-storage unit so it’s ready to go when you retrieve it later. Get rid of any dirt, bugs or moisture before sealing it in a container or box within the unit.

  • Consider a climate-controlled storage unit for items that can’t handle the stress of changing temperatures (antiques, electronics, musical instruments, or leather goods for example). If your items can be damaged by the cold, it may be worth the extra investment.

Some items that are ideal for winter storage include summer clothing, lawn equipment, recreational gear, and small engine vehicles.

Climate-controlled storage units are designed to keep the temperature between 55-85°F, so they’re great for preventing temperature-related damage all year. Through the use of insulation and central heating, a climate-controlled unit will protect your belongings even in the harshest of winters.

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