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Haunted places around the world

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"I think we all like to be a little bit scared, don't we?" says author and historian Robert Grenville, whose book "Haunted Places," explores some of the world's most spine-chilling spots.

From Gothic mansions to creepy cemeteries to eerie islands, paranormal places attract our attention, even as we resist the urge to cower indoors.

Grenville's book, published by Amber Books, delves into some of the world's terrifying tales.

"There's a timelessness to telling spooky stories round a camp fire, and the book is in that tradition," Grenville tells CNN Travel.

"Haunted Places" is a globe-spanning exploration of ghostly locales -- with striking photos of these spooky spaces.

"The aim was to get a broad span of places from around the world to show that strange phenomena are common experiences for us all," says Grenville, who is based in London.

The striking pictures were sourced by Amber's picture manager, Terry Forshaw.

From the inspiration for Charlotte Brontë's "mad woman in the attic" in "Jane Eyre" to the Scottish castle that inspired Bram Stoker's "Dracula," there's no shortage of spooky spots to explore in Grenville's pages.

In many cases, it's the striking buildings, with their mysterious aura, that are the true draw.