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How to move and store wine!

If your wine collection consists of a case of Trader Joe’s Two Buck Chuck, the quality won’t exactly plummet during a four-day interstate drive across the country. However, if you’re relocating expensive or vintage wines, you need to do it right.

That means hiring a professional mover knowledgeable about wine that has the proper equipment, staff and vehicles to protect your pricey investment.

Wine collections need special handling, says Stephen Seligson, director of sales and marketing at Molloy Bros. Moving & Storage in Manhattan, NY, which helps move wealthy clients’ wine collections. Some bottles are worth “several thousand dollars,” he says.

If you’re relocating to a distant city and want your wine collection to follow, below are steps to take to protect your wine collection on a cross-country relocation.

1. Size it up

Determine whether your wine collection can be air-shipped easily and inexpensively or whether it’s big enough to require transport on a refrigerated truck. While myriad factors like distance and size determine the cost, air shipping 25-30 cases is usually less expensive than transporting by ground, says Mike Gillespie, owner of Wine By Air International.

2. Choose a Method

If you’re thinking about putting a few cases of good wine in your car, know that temperature changes can spoil wine and vibration can stir sediment on mature reds.

“Heat is going to cook the wine, and corks pop out if it freezes,” says Gillespie.