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Summer Time fun!

While it may not feel like it quite yet, it’s getting closer to closer to spring. But for some of us, spring has already sprung: that’s right folks, Major League Baseball’s Spring Training is in full affect! Teams gather from all across the country to bring fans one of baseball’s oldest traditions, while bringing the fans closer to the game and players they love so much. When fans and players alike gather to watch a beautiful game in some of the most beautiful stadiums in America. So, give your vehicle a quick tune-up and let’s make this road trip a home run as we share our list of the best baseball stadiums to swing by this season. Play ball!

Opened in 2006, Busch Stadium is one of the younger venues on our list, but still an old favorite for a lot of fans. The sea of red seats is only outdone by the views behind them: a wide open look at downtown St. Louis the famous Gateway Arch. It’s no wonder the Cardinals are known for having such high attendance.

Known for its atmosphere, Coors Field in Denver truly elevates the game of baseball. Not only are the views absolutely breathtaking, but the increased altitude makes it more difficult for athletes to catch their breath. Plus, the thin, dry air is said to make the flight and grip of the baseball a little more challenging. But we like to think that makes it all that more exciting.

Home of the Dodger Dog and some of the best doggone players in baseball history, like Jackie Robinson, Dodger Stadium is one for the record books. Bask in radiant views as the sun slowly sets beyond the San Gabriel Mountains, and try to beat that California heat as two pitchers compete to bring the heat.

Probably one of the most well-known stadiums in baseball, Wrigley Field is a must see. Although never known for its flash, it’s the nostalgia that put Wrigley on the map. The iconic location, ivy-coated walls and old-school bleachers take you back to a truly timeless era. Enjoy a fully-loaded dog (without ketchup) and watch a game in the same spot where Babe Ruth called his shot.

It wouldn’t be a complete list without the oldest stadium in baseball: Fenway Park. There’s so much – almost too much – history to take in when you take a trip to this legend. The 100-year+ history includes seven world series, the Red Sox curse, the turnaround in ’04, the notorious Green Monster in left field, and they even still work the scoreboard by hand. It’s definitely one you don’t want to miss, but better learn Sweet Caroline before you visit!

We obviously can’t mention the home of the Red Sox without mentioning the home of the New York Yankees. Yankee Stadium is probably the most well-known, most mentioned stadium in all of baseball. It’s bigger, bolder and better than most – not that we’d expect anything less from the richest team in baseball. That said, the overwhelming crowds and support for their team is what makes it a truly powerful place.

Last, but certainly not least, is AT&T Park: home of the San Francisco Giants. You search just about any stadium list and you’ll find this incredibly picturesque park. Its staggering views of the McCovey Cover are only the beginning, as every seat in the house is a winner. Plus, with great beer and food, beautiful weather and a consistently winning team, this park is pretty much a grand slam.

Aaaannd that’s “Ball game!” We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of stadiums to visit! Don’t miss the opportunity to hit the road and hit up some of the favorite spots to watch America’s favorite pastime. And if you accidentally get beamed on your way to home, feel free to swing by Caliber – we’d be more than happy to restore you back to the rhythm of your life, and get your car back in the game.

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