When to Use Plastic Totes for Storage

Sometimes it’s easier to err on the side of caution. As long as they are sealed correctly, plastic boxes and totes are not affected by moisture or water. They are also not as susceptible to breaking down when stacked. These storage options are better at dealing with the elements and are much better protected from insect infestation.

Plastic boxes come in a variety of colors. One benefit to these containers is the additional organization offered. Store items in clear boxes with different colored lids to create an organizational system for your belongings in storage. You can use color coordinating lids with the subjects of what you are storing. You can even make a legend of the colors and stick it to the wall of the storage area.

Some examples of lid color coordinating are:

  • Green – Christmas, winter

  • Red – Valentine’s Day

  • Orange – Halloween, Thanksgiving, fall

  • Blue – Fourth of July, summer

  • Pink – Easter, spring

  • Black – New Year’s

Plastic boxes for storage come in various sizes, an

d you don’t need tape to put them together. They usually have locking lids, and best of all, the clear ones can help you see what you are storing – a great start to helping you get or stay organized.


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