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Prepare your home for winter!

With its shorter days and frigid temperatures, winter is arguably the least favorite season of the year. Winter’s run of holidays adds additional challenges. How will you keep your home clean and organized with guests popping in and out for hours (or days) at a time? Even more worrisome – do you know how to prepare your home for winter emergencies? What if snow and ice keep you trapped inside your home or – much worse – in your car?

Winter’s not all bad, of course. Skiing, sledding, hot cocoa and the football playoffs really take the edge off. Spending some extra time getting ready for winter means you can focus on what matters most during the colder months.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you make the most out of your winter home.

Stock up on salt or another ice removing solution.

Most people turn to salt to remove snow and ice from their driveway. While this is an effective soultion, salt can wreak havoc on gardens, asphalt driveways, and the floors in your home. Before you buy your next bag of salt, consider a less expensive and more eco-friendly alternative. This solution will minimize the mess before it even enters the house.

Mix one tablespoon of Dawn dishwashing liquid, one tablespoon of rubbing alcohol and ½ gallon of warm water. Pour this on your front walkway to keep steps safer and your boots drier. The rubbing alcohol works to melt the ice and will prevent the solution from refreezing.

Switch out door mats with more durable snow-proof mats.​

Once winter arrives, it’s not long before family members come tromping through the door with wet jackets, muddy boots and cold toes. But don’t let winter gear take over.

Switch out thin, ineffective doormats for durable, bristled mats. These are easy to clean, less prone to stains and won’t get waterlogged from shoes or boots. If you want to be creative, try a DIY pebble boot tray. Find a tray, fill it with stones