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Keep Your Classic Car Classic with Self-Storage

If you’re looking for a classic car in Binghamton, NY or the surrounding Binghamton area, you have plenty of options. Cruisin' Buddies Rod, Custom & Classic Car Club, Inc., American Cruisers Car Club, and Rolling Antiquers' Old Car Club are numerous classic car shows that can lead you to the antique or custom car of your dreams. If you're up for an adventure, you can visit the Northeast Classic Car Museum in Norwich, NY. However, a car isn’t something you can tuck away in a box when you’re not using it. You’ll need a safe, secure place to keep your valuable new find. If your garage space is limited, self storage is the perfect solution.

Classic cars should be protected and treated with great care even while they’re in storage. Be sure to choose a facility with great security and climate-controlled self storage units. Here are a few more essential tips to help you keep your car in top condition throughout its seasonal nap.

  • Clean both the interior and exterior of your car from top to bottom. Wax the exterior, clean the interior upholstery and vacuum thoroughly.

  • If your car has lube fittings, grease its universal joints, steering fittings and suspension fittings with fresh grease.

  • Bleed the brakes to prevent deterioration.

  • If you’ll be storing the car for more than six months, drain the fuel tank. For short-term storage, simply add gasoline stabilizer.

  • Drain and refill your car’s cooling system.

  • Remove the battery, and store it in a dry place. To keep it charged, hook it up to a battery maintainer or charger.

  • Depress the clutch and lock it into position.

  • Roll down all windows to improve ventilation.

  • If your car is a convertible, store it with the top up; leaving it down can cause shrinkage.

  • Cover your car with a cotton or flannel cover to prevent dust accumulation and protect the paint. Don’t use plastic or polyester blends as these can trap heat and restrict airflow.

If you’re looking for affordable self storage units in Binghamton, NY turn to the company that understands the importance of protecting valuable investments. When you rent a storage unit from Laing Self Storage, you’ll have convenient access to your vehicle seven days a week. Your car will be secure under 24-hour electronic video surveillance, and only you will have the key and personal access code.

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