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12 Steps to Protect Your Vintage Car in Storage

Whether you’re planning to store your classic car for the winter or looking for a long-term car storage solution, you want your car looking as beautiful coming out of storage as it was going in! Because your vehicle is older, it requires maintenance to preserve its vintage appeal and avoid corrosion.

Keep these 12 tips in mind as you prepare to move your classic car into storage:

Evaluate Your Classic Car Insurance

You’ve no doubt already purchased antique car insurance, but storing your car provides a good checkpoint to examine your policy. If you’ve had the car for some time, there may be different insurance options available, including ones that better match your unique needs. It’s also important that your insurance is active and up to date, as most storage facilities require proof of insurance. Talk to your agent and do some research to ensure you’re paying a fair price for the coverage you need.

Find the Right Storage Space

One of the best vehicle storage options for your classic car is an indoor drive-up storage unit, preferably one with climate control. These units allow you to keep your vehicle out of the elements and in a controlled environment. Once you find the ideal self storage unit for your car, cover the floor with a sheet of plastic to serve as a vapor barrier that can prevent moisture from reaching the underside of the car.